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I have known Janet for the past several years in her role as a community volunteer where she so generously gives her time and energy to causes she deeply believes in.  Her considerable interpersonal skills and gentle leadership style, have made her a valuable contributor to the volunteer teams in our spiritual community. As a minister and counselor myself, I have sensed in her the compassionate caring combined with insightful knowledge that will help others to make important changes in their lives.  We definitely love Janet for who she is and what she represents and recommend her highly as a friend and health care professional.
Brother Satyananda
Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine
Pacific Palisades, California


Janet helped me for a year and my life has changed so much! She helped me understand what was normal. I have been going through a lot of changes with my friends and school work. I moved to America from another country, and it was really hard in the beginning. It was so easy to talk to her. She really listens. She would explain things in detail and ask me questions that made me think. Sometimes I would ask myself, “What would Janet say?”

-Student,  Age 13

Beverly Hills, CA


Janet is one of the best coaches I have personally experienced. She has the ability to get right to the source, every single time I have had a session with her. I have left each session completely inspired to perform the actions that didn’t feel possible prior to working with her. If you are looking to create a change in your life, but feel that there is something in the way, I highly recommend working with Janet. She will get you the results you want for your life.

-Rob Levy

Owner/Executive Coach -GetUnCoached


I have been working with Janet for over 6 months. She has been with me through my darkest lows and my achievements. She has always treated me with an open heart, full of compassion, and a desire to understand. I feel I can talk to her about anything, and I do. Her knowledge and professionalism have taught me life lessons that now allow me to walk in this world with greater comfort and hope for a brighter future.
Kelsey McNeal


Janet McKeehan-Medina is a talented coach with an authentic and non-judgmental approach.  Her style includes a genuine concern for her clients while naturally building trust and rapport.  Janet has the innate ability to leverage intuition, creativity, poise, and understanding – enabling her clients to see possibilities they previously never imagined!


Brian Wood

Senior District Manager, Waste Management

Janet is one of the most kind, sensitive, intuitive coaches I know. Her desire to help others reach their inner strength and find peace in their lives, during times of chaos, is very valuable. I connected with Janet the moment I met her. She made me feel safe when I was terribly stressed, from selling my business and beginning a new chapter in my life. Anyone who is fortunate enough to have this amazing woman as their coach will grow by leaps and bounds.
Cathy Warschaw, CPC, ELI-MP
Professional Coach

Janet is Fantastic!

Janet is the first life coach I have ever worked with, and she was amazing!

This summer I was feeling stuck. I was working a job that made me miserable and anxious, which completely affected other parts of my life, and I wasn’t sure where to turn. With lots of compassion and care, Janet helped me sort through my options, work on reducing anxiety, and build my self-confidence.

I was actually on the phone with her when I received a contract for my new, current position! Janet is a wonderful life coach, and I certainly recommend her. Thank you, Janet!

Lana O.


Janet has been working with our 11 yr. old daughter, who has ADHD, for over a year. The growth has been tremendous!  Janet is an all-around life coach….for the whole family! Janet has taught our daughter great study habits, note-taking skills, and how to deal with certain social situations. ADHD often affects all aspects of life, and Janet has taught our daughter how to be mindful in various ways. As parents, we have learned many ways to interact with our daughter more effectively.

Amy F.

Parent (Scarsdale, NY)


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